Thanksgiving 2020

My Thanksgiving this year was super different than in my past years. Normally I would go to 3 Thanksgiving dinners but this year I only had one. We were going to go to my grandma’s house but her mom is in her 90’s so we decided not to because of covid-19. But instead, my grandma cooked dinner and put it in metal tins, and placed it on her front porch. Then my family and I went to pick it up, then we went home and face timed them instead. But by the time that we got home they already ate, so we just talked while we ate. Then the one thing that we did do that was normal was the fact that we decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.

My great-grandma’s neighborhood normally puts a lot of lights up. But my great-grandpa died last year so my great-grandma didn’t feel like doing it. But my family decided to stick with the tradition and surprise her by putting all of the lights up and decorating her front yard. Now her house is the brightest and most decorated out of all of the other homes in the neighborhood. Then we went home on the day after Thanksgiving and watched a movie then went to bed. That was how my Thanksgiving was different in 2020.

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What Sports I Play

This post is going to be about the sports that I play. I play baseball and basketball, but I want to play Football as well.

Why I like to play baseball. Well first of all I have been playing baseball since I was about 3-4 years old. I have played every position on the field. But my primary are second base, pitcher, and sometimes catcher. I get to practice whenever I want because I have a batting cage only about 15 yards away from me whenever I’m at my house. That is because the cage is in my basement. I play for a team called the Redhawks. My dad actually created the team and I have been playing for them for about two and a half years now. The new team is really good because we have amazing fielders, pitchers, and also a really good catching lineup. But on our offensive side, everyone can hit it out besides about 3 of the kids.

Why I like to play basketball. I want to start off by saying, I have been playing basketball for 9-10 years now. I have also played all the positions on the court. This year I will be playing the 1 2 and 3 positions. Which are the point guard, shooting guard, and small forward. But my primary is the 2 position (shooting guard). I have played this position for 6 years. I love playing basketball because I love to push myself and see what I am capable of achieving, physically that is.

Well, that is why I play baseball and basketball.

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If I had 3 Wishes


If I had 3 wishes I would first try to wish for more wishes. But if that didn’t work, here are what my 3 wishes would be. First I would wish that the Earth was 10 times bigger so that we wouldn’t overpopulate to the point that we couldn’t fit on the face of the earth. I would make sure that there were also lots of animals that came with the extra land. My second wish would be knowledge. This is because if I knew everything then I would be able to help anyone or anything whenever they needed help. For example, I could solve cancer and every other disease known to man. My last wish would be that everyone on earth could find their way to Christ. If people did that then the world would be at peace with each other. That would be perfect. Well, that is my 3 wishes. Tell me what your 3 wishes would be in the comments.

Happy Halloween

The picture shown on the left, I actually made. I used a site called Canva it is a free to use website where you can create your own pictures. The reason why I made this picture is because on October 31st was Halloween! I went with the rabbit because the way he’s standing is a little creepy. When I made this picture I found different formats that I should use. But I decided to go with “Invitation”. I thought of making an advertisement for a local business but then I realized that the name of the place has the city’s name in it, and we aren’t allowed to say what city we are from. I really liked using my imagination to make this so I would really recommend going to Canva and try to make something different. Make it unique to your own likings. Well, that is why and how I made my picture.

My Avatar

My avatar looks pretty close to the way that I look in real life. My avatar is blonde which represents the color of my hair. It also hair the same hairstyle as me. It’s creepy how much it looks like me.  The avatar has dark greenish-brown eyes, just like me. But my eyes have more brown in them. Then the reason why I have a light blue background is the fact that I love the color and I also think that it is a calming color. I had a choice to have my avatar with a tee-shirt, sweatshirt, suit, dress coat, or a tank top. But I chose the sweatshirt because you will rarely see me outside without one. Well besides in the summer. The color of the sweatshirt is a super light blue. I have one identical to it. That is my avatar.

About Me

Hi welcome to my about me page! My name is Lucas, I am a 13 year old boy and I live in Pickaway county Ohio. I’m blonde and about 5’1. And this post will be only things that I like so you can see what we might have in common. Well first of all I really like to play baseball. Baseball is my favorite sport. Im actually pretty good at it because my dad could have played in the Mlb but in collage he had to get a tommy jon sergery because he injured himself. I also like to play Basketball, but most of the time I don’t watch the Nba. Im one of those kids that doesn’t follow a team but they follow a player no matter where they go. For me that player is Lebron James. Normally on my weekend I don’t do much if I don’t have baseball or basketball. But every sunday I go to church and a thing called youth group.

In my house hold there is 4 people (my sister, dad, mom and me), also I have a dog named Tucker. She is a mix between a husky and a golden lab. My house looks identical to a barn. This is my first time having a blog or anything on a social media type of format. A few more things that I like to do is run through corn fields and find what I can keep. I live in the country so I’m not afraid to get my hands a little dirty. I’ve had 3 four wheelers. They were really fun to ride but then my grandpa made us sell them because they were to big for me. But at that time I was 3-6 years old so it made sense. Well if you want to know more about me then make sure to check for when I post. See you soon.